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Ingrid Bergman

Joan Crawford

Bette Davis

Marlene Dietrich

Deanna Durbin

Greta Garbo

Ava Gardner

Greer Garson

Betty Grable

Jean Harlow

Susan Hayward

Rita Hayworth

Audrey Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn

Deborah Kerr

Vivien Leigh

Carole Lombard

Marilyn Monroe

Maureen O'Hara

Rosalind Russell

Norma Shearer

Barbara Stanwyck

Elizabeth Taylor

Gene Tierney

Lana Turner

Mae West

Loretta Young


Dana Andrews

Fred Astaire

Humphrey Bogart

Marlon Brando

James Cagney

Montgomery Clift

Ronald Colman

Gary Cooper

Kirk Douglas

Errol Flynn

Henry Fonda

Glenn Ford

Clark Gable

Cary Grant

William Holden

Rock Hudson

Alan Ladd

Burt Lancaster

Fredric March

James Mason

Robert Mitchum

Paul Newman

Gregory Peck

Tyrone Power

Frank Sinatra

James Stewart

Spencer Tracy

 1930s   1940s  1950s  1960s  1970s  1980s  1990s  2000s 


Frank Capra

Georg Cukor

Cecil B. DeMille

Victor Fleming

Howard Hawks

John Huston

Elia Kazan

Stanley Kramer

Stanley Kubrick

Fritz Lang

David Lean

Joseph L. Mankiewicz

Anthony Mann

Otto Preminger

Orson Welles

William A. Wellman

William Wyler


Film Noir    
  Film Noir  




Abbott & Costello

Woody Allen

Lucille Ball

Bowery Boys

Mel Brooks

Burns & Allen

Bing Crosby

East Side Kids

W.C. Fields

Francis the Talking Mule

Hope & Crosby

Bob Hope

Danny Kaye

Don Knotts

Laurel & Hardy

Jerry Lewis

Ma & Pa Kettle

Marx Brothers

Peter Sellers

Red Skelton

Preston Sturges

Three Stooges

More Comedy Films


Lon Chaney

Charlie Chaplin

Douglas Fairbanks, Sr.

D.W. Griffith

Buster Keaton

Other Silent Films

Bulldog Drummond

Charlie Chan

Agatha Christie

Alfred Hitchcock

Sherlock Holmes

The Saint

The Thin Man

More Suspense Films


Ray Harryhausen

George Pal

More Sci-Fi Films


Asian Action

British Cinema



Eastern Europe & Soviet Union






Latin America



Spain & Mexico




Film Noir [Movies for all ages!] Musicals  



Charlie Brown

Classic American Animation


Dr. Seuss

Jonny Quest

Looney Tunes

Lord of the Rings

Marvel Superheroes

Mr. Magoo

The Muppets

Schoolhouse Rock

Tom & Jerry

Wallace & Gromit

Walt Disney


Robert Altman

Charles Bronson

John Cassavetes

Coen Brothers

Roger Corman

Sam Fuller

Hal Hartley

Alenjandro Jodorowsky

Malcolm McDowell

Russ Meyer

Monty Python

Anthony Perkins

Roman Polanski

Ken Russell

Quentin Tarantino

John Waters

Ed Wood

Other Cult Films


Mario Bava

John Carpenter


Inner Sanctum

Boris Karloff

Stephen King

Christopher Lee

Bela Lugosi

Vincent Price


More Horror Films


 Tarzan Pam Grier Clint Eastwood

John Wayne

More Western Films


Gerry Anderson

British Television

Detective Television

Outer Limits

The X-Files

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