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Includes: 1) The Merchant of Venice ('72, Play of the Month) The Venice of Titian and the Belmont of Botticelli are the visual inspiration behind this lavish production of the Shakespeare play. Maggie Smith as Portia. Also Frank Finlay as Shylock, Charles Gray, Christopher Gable, Nerys Hughes and Edward Petherbridge. 2) The Millionairess ('72, Play of the Month) Bernard Shaw's glittering farce The Millionairess reveals the true relations between class, capital, power and labor. Starring Maggie Smith as Epifania, Tom Baker and Charles Gray, this original BBC production brings the hilarity and searing commentary of Shaws work to vivid life. 3) A Bed Among the Lentils ('88, Talking Heads) Maggie SMITH stars in Alan Bennett's monologue about a vicar's wife who finds a vision of God at the local off-licence. 4) Suddenly Last Summer ('93, Performance) Tennessee Williams's play stars Maggie Smith as Mrs Veneble, whose grief at the loss of her beloved poet son turns to rage against her niece Catharine (Natasha Richardson), his last companion and witness to his gruesome death. Determined to erase the memory of Sebastian's loss, she tries to persuade her pet doctor (Rob Lowe) to perform a lobotomy on Catharine.

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