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A pair of bumbling vampire-hunters attempts to destroy an undead nobleman and his cronies and rescue a buxom maiden in actor/director Roman Polanski's playful update of the venerable vampire genre. Bat expert and vampire obsessive Professor Abronsius (Jack MacGowran) barely survives his journey through the Alps into snowy Slovenia to continue his oft-maligned research into the undead. Thawed out by his hapless assistant, Alfred (Polanski), and the frisky local innkeeper, Shagal (Alfie Bass), Abronsius quickly notices the overabundance of raw garlic as a decorating motif in the inn and its environs. Too ineffectual to save Shagal from having his blood sucked, the professor and Alfred miss the boat again when the mysterious Count Von Krolock (Ferdinand Mayne) kidnaps Shagal's built, beautiful daughter, Sarah (Sharon Tate). The itinerant vampire hunters must travel through the icy wilderness to Von Krolock's abode and evade his manservant and his effete son Herbert (Iain Quarrier) before Sarah joins the ranks of the ghouls.

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Roman Polanski's Fearless Vampire Killers is a film that really needs to be seen widescreen to be fully appreciated, which you can now do with this solid release from Warner Bros. While people can debate its curious use of slapstick until the cows come home, there is no doubt that it is a gorgeously shot flick that ranks up there alongside Hammer's most accomplished '60s horror outings. This disc comes packed with a 2.35:1 anamorphic widescreen image that certainly does show off the camerawork and extravagant sets well, though, sadly, it's plagued by film elements that weren't corrected in the transfer. The mono Dolby Digital track on the other hand, might lose points for home theater inadequacy, but its mix is just fine otherwise. Extras include the theatrical trailer and a vintage clip, "Fearless Vampire Killers: Vampires 101," that must have played in some theaters upon the film's release. Just like the film, it's a silly setup where a professor of some sort (Max Wall) takes you through the vampire mythos and sets the audience up for the movie. Missing is the animated prologue from the American version -- and don't look for any commentaries or galleries of any sort. Still, the disc is worthy of recommendation, if only to be able to see the film on DVD the way it was meant to be seen. Special Features * cc Vintage making-of featurette "The Fearless Vampire Killers: Vampires 101" * Theatrical trailer * Languages: English & Franšais * Subtitles: English, Franšais, & Espa˝ol

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