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Between slams of his gavel, Judge Jay Jostyn enforces justice in this spellbinding "reality" series enacting cases in a Los Angeles night court. Although the announcer presents "true cases and real people," actors play the roles of the defendants amid "live" courtroom mumbling and commotion. The riveting stories are both strange and funny, revealing a wide assortment of bizarre human frailties behind the multitude of shocking offenses. Episode 1: A flamboyant actress explains why she assaulted her agent. A hardworking father defends himself for destroying a magazine stand. A Shakespeare devotee offers a surprising reason for disturbing the peace. A woman has a fanciful explanation for her shoplifting. A colorful immigrant is charged with smoking a cigar on a bus, then using it to poke an officer in the eye. Episode 2: A voluptuous young woman explains why she failed to show ID at the scene of an accident. A terminally ill man arrested for vagrancy surprises the court with one last request. An actress defends taking a poodle to dinner at a fancy restaurant. An angry young man arrested for drunken driving reveals his disdain for his wealthy family. Episode 3: A shy young man is charged with tampering with a motor vehicle. A vengeful older woman creates a disturbance with a shopping cart. A deaf-mute man denies charges of stealing jewelry. Arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct, a man puzzles the court with his erratic behavior. Episode 4: A distraught woman caught with a concealed gun vows she will try again to kill her ex-lover. Shared enthusiasm for professional wrestling matches leads to charges of disturbing the peace for a married couple. A repentant alcoholic seeks help after facing the court for the eighth time. A young punk is arrested for shooting a traffic sign.

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