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Hal Towne is a New York City widower attempting to balance his career as a newspaper columnist with the raising of his young son, Randy. With the help of stern but devoted housekeeper Sarge and friends Karen and Eliot, Towne manages to get in and out of all sorts of trouble in four episodes from the sitcom's single season run. Episode 1: Randy has a crush on a new girl who's moved into the Towne's apartment building. Not knowing her name, he begins a campaign of sending letters and gifts to "Dimples," which end up in the hands of her grandmother instead. Episode 2: The nice old couple who have just moved in down the hall turn out to be counterfeiters, and when Sarge spends one of their phony bills, an agent from the Treasury Department wants to know where the phony money came from. Hal decides to find out himself. Episode 3: Hal offers to help jump-start the career of talented, but struggling, young actress Gretchen Clayhipple. Promising to mention her in his column, Hal decides that her name isn't quite catchy enough and changes it to June Thursday. That's when the problems start! Episode 4: Hal joins the social elite after attracting the fancy of wealthy heiress Paula Hamilton. As he continues to see more of the prim and proper socialite, his old friends begin to see a change in his attitude and they want the old Hal back.

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