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Fredric March plays the swashbuckling pirate Jean Lafitte, operating of the coast of New Orleans, Lafitte and his thousand pirates plunder all passing ships for the wealth, but refuses to attack any vessel flying the American flag. Lafitte is offered a pardon by Andrew Jackson (Hugh Sothern), if he and his men fight by his side against the powerful British redcoats. As good as his word, Lafitte stands shoulder to shoulder with Jackson as they ward off the British at the Battle of New Orleans. Rescued from a sunken ship by Lafitte, Dutch maiden Gretchen (Franciska Gaal) falls madly in love with the dashing pirate, but he only has eyes for aristocratic Louisiana belle Annette (Margot Grahame), the daughter of Governor Claiborne (Douglass Dumbrille) who’s Lafitte’s arch nemesis. The stellar cast includes Akim Tamiroff, Walter Brennan and Anthony Quinn. Directed by the great Cecil B. DeMille who also produced a remake of The Buccaneer in 1958.

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