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A band of cutthroats sets sail on a mysterious voyage helmed by the gravely ill Captain Guy. Tortured by his affliction, the feverish captain is at the brink of madness. Tamboo, a stowaway native boy, reveals that the captain is cursed. Years before, Captain Guy had stolen the priceless black pearls - the eyes of the sacred Shark God of the Omoo-Omoo tribe. The Omoo-Omoo shaman has cast a voodoo spell on the thief. The possessor will suffer unspeakable torment, until the pearls are returned. Unfazed by the threat of the Shark God's vengeance, the greedy sailors mutiny and form deadly factions to find the accursed pearls. Based on the classic story by Herman Melville, the revered American author of Moby Dick, Omoo-Omoo, The Shark God is a suspenseful sea adventure with supernatural overtones and breathtaking underwater montages.

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ALP5391 Omoo-Omoo, the Shark God DVD (1949/Ron Randell) $5.99