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Thugs inexplicably attack Dick Rainey at a train station. He discovers that he is a dead ringer for Norman Grey, a diamond thief who intends to swindle the mob. Dick investigates and locates Norman, who dupes him into switching identities. While Norman sneaks out of town with the gems, Dick finds himself pursued by an unending stream of gangsters, intent on killing him. Richard Talmadge, "the daredevil of the screen." plays duel roles in this Reliable Pictures Corporation production when he is not jumping off buildings, leaping across railroad cars or other amazing acts of stunt derring-do. His action work in motion pictures, such as the serial Pirate Treasure (1934), earned him a reputation as the leading stunt man of his era. He is joined here by his real-life brothers, Otto Metzetti and Victor Metz.

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ALP6662 Now or Never DVD (1935/Richard Talmadge) $5.99