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The craggy peaks of Topa Topa become a backdrop for murder when crooked fur-trapper Pete Taylor kills his partner Joe Morton. Using the teeth from a dead wolf's pelt, Taylor gouges the fresh corpse with jagged rips in order to shift blame for the killing to a noble canine named Fangs. Naturalist Tom Turner believes that the dog is innocent of the killing, but lacks evidence. The authorities assume Fangs is responsible and condemn him to death. Tragedy again strikes the rural community when an eagle snatches a baby at play. As the child waits for rescue from the eagle's mountaintop nest, Fangs and Taylor fight a battle to the death on the rocks below. Children of the Wild, filmed in rugged, scenic locales, is a tale of a grisly murder, featuring a shocking sequence of a swooping eagle carrying off a struggling baby as well as an unforgettable on-screen battle between the flying predator and the heroic dog, Fangs.

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ALP5781 Children of the Wild DVD (1938/James Bush) $5.99