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Missouri hayseed Bob Shackleforth has a terrific singing voice but is content harmonizing with the hired hands on his uncle's farm. Bob's girlfriend, Nancy Abbott, secretly contacts a radio-station owner and persuades him to listen to the boys sing. They are hired to perform "The Old Homestead" live on a radio program broadcast out of New York City. Bob's sudden fame goes to his head, jeopardizing his burgeoning career, and more importantly, his relationship with Nancy. Adapted from Denman Thompson's 1886 play and the 1889 novel written from it by John Russell Corvell, The Old Homestead is one of Poverty Row's more polished musical productions. Most importantly, it marks the feature-film debut of the King of the Cowboys, Roy Rogers - here appearing under his real name, Len Slye. - Ed Hulse

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ALP6422 Old Homestead DVD (1935/Mary Carlisle) $5.99