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A vicious underworld leader brings the pain for her female underlings in this celebrated sexploitation "roughie," a sequel to White Slaves of Chinatown. Olga (Audrey Campbell) is a woman who, working with "the Syndicate" (a criminal network that encompasses the local mafia and several Russian and Chinese communist operatives), oversees a stable of women who do double duty as prostitutes and drug pushers. Olga is a cruel woman who will tolerate no misbehavior among her charges (many of whom are addicted to "the Big H" and work for her to feed their habits), and subjects them to periodic torture sessions when she feels they aren't living up to her expectations. When Olga discovers that one of her girls has turned informant, she takes it upon herself to beat the truth out of the women until she finds out who has betrayed her, leading several embittered hookers and addicts to turn against their cruel mistress...though Olga ends up having the last word.

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Special F New digitally mastered, uncut windowboxed transfer in the original filmed aspect ratio of 1.33:1 Audio commentary by star Audrey Campbell and film journalist Andre Salas Original theatrical trailer Liner notes

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