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Young orphan Jane Peters is convicted of theft and sentenced to the House Of Correction. Crooked politician Al Murray sees a chance for good publicity and asks the judge to place the girl on probation under his care, pledging to send the girl to the finest schools. Thanks to her benefactor, Jane grows up a beautiful and well-cultured lady. Wealthy bachelor Bill Coleman is totally taken with Jane and pursues her relentlessly, until finally she shares his affection. The young girl is shocked when Al Murray announces the he is in love with his ward and intends to marry her. He tries to abduct her forceably and in the ensuing struggle she strikes him in the head with a heavy statue. Jane and Bill are forced to flee while they desperately search for a way to prove that the "murder" was actually self-defense. Monte Blue began life in an orphanage on an Indian reservation. He started in films as a stuntman and graduated to a featured role in D.W. Griffith's Birth Of a Nation (1915). His long career as a character actor extended into the sound era and included memorable roles in Undersea Kingdom (1936) and Key Largo (1948).

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ALP5824 On Probation DVD (1935/Monte Blue) $5.99