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A group of leftist radicals send an incendiary letter to a major local newspaper, only to find their devotion to the cause at hand tested when the paper actually prints the letter in director Francesco Maselli's provocative entry into the cinema politico sub-genre. The war in Vietnam is raging, and as the body count continues to rise, the Italian Communist Party grows increasingly complacent. In a desperate effort to shake up the communist leaders, a small group of leftist activists have sent a letter to the evening newspaper stating that they intend to take up arms against American troops in Vietnam as a protest against the war. The only problem is that they never expected the paper to print the letter. Now, with public attention to their plight at an all-time high, the scandalous provocateurs will be forced to decide whether or not their commitment to peace is really worth dying for.

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Special Features Disc 1: Introduction by director Francesco Maselli Open Letter From a Comrade - Interview with director Francesco Maselli On the Eve of Revolution - Francesco Maselli and the mayor of Rome Walter Veltroni Portraits of the Artist As a Camera - Exclusive photogallery from Francesco Maselli's collection with director's intro Disc 2: Introduction by director Francesco Maselli The Eyewitness - Interview with director Francesco Maselli

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NS31 Open Letter To the Evening News DVD (2005/F. Maselli) $19.99