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Girls Night Out The day after a homecoming basketball game and victory party, an all-night scavenger hunt is held on the campus of a small Ohio college. Amongst the backdrop of Campus shenanigans the school mascot is murdered and his bear costume taken by a psychotic killer. Stalking several cheerleaders and killing them in variety of creative ways, the murderer’s identity stays hidden by the playful panda costume. The campus security officer Mac (Hal Holbrook) whose daughter was a victim of a similar killer, tries to find out who’s behind it before more killings continue. One Dark Night As a final act of initiation into a high school sorority called The Sisters, Julie Wells (Meg Tilly) must spend the night locked in the local mausoleum. The other members don't plan on making it easy for her and sneak in, intent on scaring poor Julie half to death. Unfortunately, the mausoleum happens to be the not-so-resting place of the recently buried Karl Raymar, a psychic vampire who believed that death was the key to unlocking the full extent of his horrific powers. Trapped in the mausoleum with the reawakening Raymar, Julie and The Sisters are now in for the most terrifying night of their lives. Duck! Blood Sisters A gruesome and grim satirical portrayal of two teenage social outcasts, and what led them to open fire on their fellow students and teachers before killing themselves. This cruel and gory film, the first made about the high school shooting phenomena originally screened Halloween 1999 was considered so controversial it landed the filmmakers in jail! It created a nationwide media extravaganza for FOX, ABC, CBS, Court TV and Entertainment Tonight!

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