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Undercover G-Man Tex Collins is investigating the gang of train robbers who made off with a million dollars worth of pure gold. Aided by information provided a by a patriotic and observant boy scout troop, Tex follows a trail of clues to Dorman, owner of a mining operation. When a young scout overhears Dorman's plan to transport the stolen gold, he shoots the boy and leaves him for dead. The gunmen race for the Mexican border with the stolen gold, hotly pursued by an avenging Tex and his posse. Tex Ritter's illustrious career as a singing cowboy actor earned him legendary status as a western screen star in the '20s and '30s and later as a popular recording artist best remembered for the iconic title theme to High Noon. Tex's strong supporting cast in this Grand National production include silent comedy star Snub Pollard, Marjorie Reynolds, child actor Tommy Bupp and the inimitable Charles King.

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ALP6461 Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts DVD (1937/Tex Ritter) $5.99