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Sentenced to death for a fatal shooting, Jim Collins and a police escort board the train that will take him to the death house. Also on board is Jim's estranged wife Molly, whose supposed dalliances with the murdered man led to the deadly incident. With her husband's execution fast approaching, the completely innocent Molly is desperate to reconcile, but Jim refuses to see her. Tony Richards, the very newspaperman whose slanderous writing during the trial convinced Jim of his wife's infidelity, is also a passenger on the train. Molly crosses paths with the reporter, and she convinces him that his assumptions about her were all wrong. Tony now wants to set things right, and he decides to help Jim and Molly in a most extraordinary way. Mary Brian began her career as Wendy in 1924's silent screen version of Peter Pan. In her very first sound role, she appeared opposite Gary Cooper in the 1929 production of The Virginian. She spent the remainder of the decade with Paramount, and stayed afloat throughout the 1930s, playing a variety of roles opposite such stars as W.C. Fields and Henry Fonda.

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ALP5402 One Year Later DVD (1933/Mary Brian) $5.99