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Originally telecast November 11, 1985, An Early Frost was the first TV movie to deal with the subject of AIDS. Aidan Quinn plays a personable young gay lawyer who is stricken with the HIV virus. As his health deteriorates, Quinn finds that his physical agony is secondary to his mental anguish. Ben Gazzara and Gena Rowlands play Quinn's parents, who must not only come to grips with their son's impending death, but with their own long-standing fears and prejudices concerning homosexuality. No easy answers are offered in this realistic drama, which also stars Sylvia Sidney as Quinn's grandmother and John Glover as a fellow AIDS victim.

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Special Features * cc Trailer * Commentary by star Aidan Quinn, writers Rob Cowen and Daniel Lipman * Documentary "Living With AIDS" * Chapter stops * Full frame * Dolby 2.0 * Closed captioned * More from Wolfe

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