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French Foreign Legion Captain Paul Gerard (George Raft), has gained a reputation not only for his military performance but also his sexual prowess. He is assigned to lead a convoy escorting the vivacious Cara (Marie Windsor), the Emir of Bel-Rashad's daughter, back to the Arabian citadel. The two soon fall in love, a complication that irritates the already existing tensions between the repressed Arabs and the French resistance. After snipers attack the neighboring Legion garrison with high-powered ammunition, Gerard sneaks into the citadel disguised as an Arab soldier and discovers their massive arsenal, which they plan to use in overthrowing the French. When the local base is viciously massacred by the emir's army, it is up to Gerard, with the help of veteran Lt. Glysko (Akim Tamiroff) to keep the Arabian forces at bay while reconciling the forbidden yet passionate desire he feels for Cara.

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ALP6095 Outpost In Morocco DVD (1949/George Raft) $5.99