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Newcomer Jeannine Kaspar delivers a stunning performance as Sam, a troubled single mother who risks losing custody of her young daughter following a failed suicide attempt. Over the next few shaky weeks, Sam is released from the hospital into the care of her overbearing older sister, finds a job, makes tentative steps towards a new romance and tries to reconnect with her child. But lives – and depression – sometimes have a way of making their own rules. Can a woman lost somewhere between hope and despair find the strength to put all her pieces back together? Sayra Player co-stars in this powerful independent drama from writer/producer/director Joe Maggio (VIRGIL BLISS, MILK AND HONEY) that critics and audiences nationwide praise for its honest portrait of one woman’s emotional instability and survival.

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Bonus Features US trailer, Featurette with Composer Sam Bisbee, Featurette with Cast

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