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Bette Davis, Michael Rennie, Hugh O' early 1963 these were big stars. So with Perry (Raymond Burr) recuperating from some illness, the gang at Paisano Productions spared no expense getting credible substitutes for the ailing star. In the Case of Constant Doyle, one of only three episodes not titled "Case of the" with the "the" underlined, Bette Davis stars as the widow and law partner of a great lawyer who undertakes to represent a young man accused of, what else, murder. Better yet the murder is connected to one of her husband's old clients. Bette, a veritable Portia, tears up the prosecution as neatly as Perry ever did. Michael Rennie, the space man from The Day the Earth Stood Still takes over a case where one of the suspects could be a "Martian nine feet tall." Hugh O'Brien plays Bruce Jason, an OSS operative implicated in an assassination plot but nonetheless defending the accused. O'Brien was familiar to all TV viewers of the time as the star of Life & Legend of Wyatt Earp.

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