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Disc One: WHERE THERE'S A WILL: A trio inherits a ramshackle Windrush Farm Devonshire leading to mystery & humor! The two sisters, Amy and Maud are all for selling the farm and returning to their beloved London. However, Alfie sees the opportunity to fulfill his dreams of becoming a farmer. Complications arise when Alfie learns that the mortgage has been secretly purchased by a neighboring farmer who has had a running feud with the dead uncle for years. From one hilarious event to another and in steps the Ministry of Agriculture stating that the farm is being commandeered! It hasn’t been worked according to government regulations. Then, one more “kink!” Annie discovers that she is nominated as the sole beneficiary. The farm is hers - then she has no problem persuading Alfie to stay and help her run the farm as her husband. (79 min.)

DOWN AMONG THE Z MEN: An absent minded professor loses the top secret formula in the Grocery shop. When it is found by “Bats of the Yard” he proudly attempts to return it to the professor. Crazy comedy ensues. (68 min.)

LOVE IN PAWN: A British comedy about a struggling artist and his wife living on a houseboat. To raise money she pawns him! His new family takes a liking to him - particularly the daughter! The wife tries to redeem her husband but finds she has lost the pawn ticket. In a short matter of time, the whole incident becomes a national sensation. Eventually, the husband arrives back at the houseboat just in time to prevent the wife from leaving him. (81 min.)

Disc Two: THOSE PEOPLE NEXT DOOR: Sam Twigg is bothered by the escapades of two troublesome daughters and a son - and, the Germans. The older daughter falls for a RAF officer, son of titled parents. Things begin to get interesting between the families just as the flier is reported shot down. When he then arrives with a broken leg, the families unite. (77 min.)

NO SMOKING: A simple country chemist invents a pill that stops people smoking. An ex-GI persuades him to market the pill with him as the high-pressure publicity agent boosting the project. The invention is such a tremendous success that tobacco sales drop alarmingly, causing the head of the biggest English tobacco combine to “plant” his secretary with the chemist to find out the secret ingredient. Things become more and more interesting ending in the chemist agreeing to stop the production of the pill. And, he & the love of his life settle down with only one ointment in the mix ? the little chemist’s new preoccupation - a no-drinking pill! (72 min.)

NOT SO DUSTY: Dusty and Nobby are a pair of dustmen who come into possession of a valuable book. This standard British comedy of the time featuring television stars and up and coming actors of the day. The jokes are forced one-liners taken straight out of stage comedies and the plot is superficial to support the jokes. A cheerful enjoyable British Comedy. (80 min.)

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