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The third of four films bearing the title of The Perils of Pauline, this musical biopic purports to tell the life story of famed silent serial queen Pearl White. Right at the beginning, however, an introductory title informs the audience that what follows is merely "suggested" by incidents in White's life and career. Translation: The film is a fabrication from beginning to end, but an enjoyable one. Played on all four cylinders by Betty Hutton, White is introduced as a frustrated factory worker who aspires to become a dramatic actress. She joins a touring theatrical troupe managed by handsome but pompous Mike (John Lund), but fame and fortune elude her because she's unable to suppress her natural rambunctiousness. In desperation, White takes a job at a movie studio, where she promptly finds herself in the PERILS OF PAULINE: Betty Hutton has a field day in PERILS OF PAULINE, a “biography” of Pearl White, the daredevil damsel who thrilled millions during the hey-day of silent serials. The plot follows sewing-machine girl Pearl, as she gets involved with a tank-town theater troupe, developing her talents and finally becoming a star attraction in the new fascinating entertainment medium of motion pictures. RT: 96 min, Color, 1.33:1, NR, 1947 STORK CLUB: Hutton portrays a hat-check girl at the famed New York nightspot, The Stork Club. One night after work Hutton rescues an old tramp, played by Barry Fitzgerald, from drowning. The tramp is really a millionaire, despondent over a failing marriage and in his gratitude, anonymously provides for her financial well-being. Being set up in luxury changes her life - but not all for the best. Jealous over the unknown benefactor, Judy's boyfriend dumps her. This does more than crimp her love life - it sidetracks her aspirations for a singing career as well. Can the old man's marriage be saved? Will bubbly, animated Judy get her fellow back? Rumors are that the Stork Club itself financed The Stork Club as a feature-length commercial. RT: 95 min, B&W, 1.33:1, NR, 1945

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Special Features: The Stork Club: Original Theatrical Trailer, Color Nevelson Naughty But Mice

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