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A bloodthirsty killer is terrorizing the streets of London leaving a dozen women dead. George Bunting warns his pretty young daughter, Daisy, not to walk the evening streets alone. Times are hard and the Bunting family is delighted when a young musician, Michel Angeloff, rents the spare room in their modest home. Mesmerized by his delightful piano playing, Daisy spends more and more time with the sad mysterious lodger. But as Scotland Yard's investigation reveals more details about the fiendish murderer, Bunting is horrified when he realizes the police seem to be describing the very man who is romancing his daughter - Michel! The Phantom Fiend is the first sound version of the Jack the Ripper inspired tale, The Lodger. Leading man Ivor Novello, who had starred in Alfred Hitchcock's 1927 silent version, first gained fame and fortune during World War I when he composed the anthem, "Keep The Home Fires Burning." He continued his successful career acting, writing music and plays up until his death at age 58 in 1951.

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