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Elaine Hammerstein stars in this independently produced drama. She plays Mary Dolan, a dancer at a Bowery café, who is in love with co-worker Jimmy Evarts (Theodore Von Eltz). Jimmy gets in a fight with an East Side tough and finds a wallet on him belonging to a big theatrical manager. Jimmy, however, is accused of being the one who stole it and is thrown in jail. While he is incarcerated, Mary is discovered by producer Mark Kelsey (John Sainpolis), who makes her into a Broadway star. Kelsey's partner, Phillip Andrews (Stuart Holmes), tries to have his way with Mary, but is unsuccessful. Jimmy, however, finds them together when he is released from jail and he suspects the worst of Mary. He leaves her, but eventually he realizes he is wrong and returns to ask forgiveness. Unfortunately, he is too late because Mary has just wed Kelsey.

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ALP6741 Paint and Powder DVD (1925/Elaine Hammerstein) $5.99