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"You can't judge a husband by a bathing suit... but you can get a pretty good idea!" Young, rich Virginia Embrey (Sally Eilers) longs to wed her aristocratic fiance, Jeffrey Haywood (Reginald Denny), but will not commit to marriage until her older sister, Angelica (Dorothy Christy), takes a husband. Despite the danger of becoming an old maid, choosy Angelica cavorts at the local country club, rejecting suitor after suitor. When Jeffrey spies hapless Reginald Irving (Buster Keaton), he sees the perfect groom for Angelica and gives him a crash course in becoming a Casanova. Reginald is enraptured by Angelica and willingly (and hilariously) follows Jeffrey's instructions. One of the first sound films starring legendary silent comic Buster Keaton, Parlor, Bedroom & Bath is an uproarious and naughty pre-code farce based on a beloved play by Charles W. Bell and Mark Swan.

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ALP4563 Parlor, Bedroom & Bath DVD (1931/Buster Keaton) $5.99