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When his parents leave for a fishing trip, Billy (Tommy Kelly, star of George Cukor's 1938 film The Adventures of Tom Sawyer) and his scruffy gang of neighborhood pals make a beeline for the traveling circus that just arrived in Bloomfield. Fascinated with circus life, Billy wrangles his way behind-the-scenes for a series of fast-paced adventures under the big top. The rivalries, practical jokes and sneaky tricks that the troupe is prone to quickly catch up with Billy. Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus features Spanky McFarland as Pee Wee, making a rare appearance outside of the Our Gang series. Slapstick veterans Edgar Kennedy (sporting his famous "slow burn") and Billy Gilbert are given plenty of opportunities to perform their patented vaudeville humor.

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ALP4332 Peck's Bad Boy With The Circus DVD (1938/ George 'Spanky' McFarland,/Edgar Kennedy) $5.99