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Determined to own the biggest spread in the territory, James Grayson has his henchman murder the Pecos brothers, and steal the deed to their ranch. Only eight-year-old Donald Pecos survives. His dying father gives the boy his pearl-handled gun, and charges him to, one day, avenge his murder. Years later, Grayson dominates the territory with proceeds from the gold mine he took over with the Pecos Ranch. But his empire begins to totter when his gold shipments are repeatedly stolen by a notorious bandit with a pearl-handled gun - The Pecos Kid! Towering, athletic Fred Kohler, Jr. starred in a pair of William Berke-produced westerns in 1935, The Pecos Kid and Toll Of The Desert. With his menacing presence, he soon followed in the footsteps of his famous father, and played a series of heavies, working steadily into the 1960s. His most notable role was that of the villainous Scrub White in John Ford's 1939 production Young Mr. Lincoln.

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