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Gun Grit (1936, B&W): Mobsters from the East are feeling the heat from Federal agents, so they take their protection racket out West. When they start killing cattle and demanding payments, the ranchers send for help. Special Agent Bob Blake goes undercover to break up the gangsters' operation before they bleed the cattlemen dry. Starring Jack Perrin, Ethel Beck, David Sharpe; Directed by William Berke. Hair-Trigger Casey (1936, B&W): Cavalry Captain Casey thinks he's left the war behind him, but a telegram summons him home, where trouble is brewing. Casey's ranch lies on the border with Mexico, and his land is being used as a smuggling route to bring in slave laborers. Casey suspects that one of his own men is masterminding the illegal operation, and he's determined to put a stop to it. Starring Jack Perrin, Betty Mack, Snowflake, Wally Wales; Directed by Harry Fraser.

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ALP5842 Gun Grit / Hair-Trigger Casey DVD (1936/Jack Perrin) $5.99