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Wildcat Saunders (1936): In an effort to get his top fighter back into shape, beleaguered boxing manager Joe Pipp takes Wildcat Saunders out west to train, where he'll be away from the distractions of the big city. Arriving at a ranch, Wildcat accidentally uncovers a package of stolen jewels. Hawkins, the shifty ranch foreman, has been desperately trying to retrieve the package, and Wildcat will need to use more than just his fists if he wants to stop Hawkins and his murderous cronies. Jack Perrin, born Lyman Wakefield Perrin, boasts a film career spanning four decades. Beginning in the silent era, Perrin starred in numerous westerns and action pictures for Universal. Easing into the era of talking pictures, Perrin continued along the same lines, playing lead and supporting roles in B-westerns, dramas and serials for various studios, including the "Bud N' Ben" shorts produced by Reliable Pictures. Wolf Riders (1935): Orphaned as an infant, Jack Jennings spent his early childhood with Chief Red Wolf and his tribe. He eventually learned the way of the white man from a local Indian Affairs Agent. Years later, as a Deputy, Jennings has not forgotten the one cardinal rule that Red Wolf taught him - never tell a lie. Virtuous as he is, it's this drive to be honest that gets him into trouble. Al Pearce, a member of a fur smuggling operation is murdered by crime boss Butch Weldon in a petty feud. Jack is framed for the killing. Facing a murder charge, he seeks the counsel of The Chief. Red Wolf advises him that it takes a thief to catch a thief, and comes up with a plan to extract a confession from Weldon - one that will require Jennings to be uncharacteristically deceptive.

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