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A centuries-old curse hangs over the venerable house of Edensore. Young Ronnie Rollestone is next in line to succeed as the Earl who is marked for an early death by the family legacy. He must not only survive supernatural threats, but also his disgraced cousin, James Mallory, who plans murder the young heir and take Ronnie's place as the next Lord of Edensore. Adapted from a 1907 novel by popular mystery writer "Rita" (the pseudonym of Eliza Margaret Humphries), The Pointing Finger is an atmospheric thriller that blends elements of supernatural horror with modern crime fiction. The underlying plot is strong and the details admirably handled by director George Pearson, an old hand at such melodramatic fare. Leading man John Stuart looks very young here, but he was already an accomplished screen actor with credits dating back to the silent era and many decades of fine work ahead of him: one of his last appearances was as a Kryptonian elder in 1978's Superman starring Christopher Reeve.

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