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Beautiful socialite Audrey Swallow likes doing favors for friends--and anyway, she owes a big one to Lucy Darling, her lookalike pal from college. So when Lucy begs her, Audrey agrees to step in and impersonate Lucy on the job for two days. There are only three complications: first, Lucy's "job" is being a high-priced call girl. Second, the two days have to be spent in Monaco. Third and finally, Audrey has to get back to New York in time for an engagement party-her own! But what are friends for? Audrey copes with Lucy's "customers"--a romantic student, a movie buff, and a rich young couple. And when Audrey is delayed getting back, Lucy has to impersonate her and entertain her guests at the engagement party--and, as Audrey discovers, Lucy can be very entertaining!

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FRFV908726 Princess and the Call Girl DVD (1984/Radley Metzger) $9.99