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This Lifetime made-for-TV movie is well worth seeing for those who know anyone with stage 4 breast cancer. While the story focuses mostly on the impressive persistence and commitment of Dr. Dennis Slamon to get Food & Drug Administration approval for Herceptin, a revolutionary treatment for stage 4 breast cancer, this tele-drama manages to pack a strong emotional "punch". The movie portrays the life and/or death plight of the women who undergo Her-2 treatment (short-hand name for the drug), and that's where the story packs its emotional wallop. The accomplished & little known actresses playing these women (Bernadette Peters, Regina King, Amanda Bynes, among others) bring to life the heartbreaking issues that late stage breast cancer victims experience, and those who were included in Dr. Slamon's research. The angst of the patients and their families is intensified in the movie by 2 factors . Genentech, the drug company that initially funds Dr. Slamon's work, can't seem to sustain their support for his research. The internal friction among their Board members delays Dr. Slamon's progress, and, thus, exacerbates the emotional turmoil for cancer victims and their loved ones. Added to that are the constraints that the FDA trials placed on the availability of the HER-2 drug to women who might have benefitted from the treatment but who were excluded to maintain the integrity of the scientific trials and results. Those who minimize the dramatic value of made-for-TV productions might give this one a try.

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