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Wyoming rancher Milt Brower has been living down his criminal past for years when former partner "Pa" Jackson catches up with him and proposes they collaborate in a new cattle-rustling scheme. Although Milt refuses, his reputation is ruined when his earlier connection to Jackson is exposed. Brower's young partner, Roy Rogers, attempts to clear the old timer's name and finds himself targeted by Sheldon's hired gunmen. Formerly a member of the Sons of the Pioneers singing group, Ohio-born Leonard Slye began his career in 1937 and shortly thereafter was hired by Republic Pictures for a series of musical Westerns. Rechristened Roy Rogers, he starred in over 30 "B" pictures before the studio capitalized on his burgeoning popularity by putting him in more expensive films and promoting him as "King of the Cowboys." Shine On Harvest Moon, Roy's fourth starring vehicle, blends music and action in a traditional Western setting and features country-music superstars Lulu Belle and Scotty in prominent supporting roles. - Ed Hulse Includes bonus episode of the "Roy Rogers with Dale Evans" television show: Hard Luck Story: (1954) Roy and Pat come to the aid of a rancher being strong-armed by agents of the Hard Luck Insurance Company. Suspicious of the company's true intentions, Roy begins an investigation on Hard Luck's seedy manager, Ben Pierson. (Previously issued on Roy Rogers With Dale Evans, Volume 2 (ALP 5192D).

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