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D.H. Lawrence's tragic fable The Rocking Horse Winner is faithfully transferred to the screen in this 1950 gem. John Howard Davies, the young star of Oliver Twist (and the future chief film editor at the BBC) plays sensitive lad Paul Grahame, whose selfish, grasping mother (Valerie Hobson) warps his values. When his mom once more whines over her lack of wealth, the boy retreats to his new Christmas present, a hobby horse. Having been taught to ride like a real jockey by kindly handyman Bassett (John Mills), Paul furiously bobs up and down on his horse, hoping to drive his mother's words out of his brain. Instead, Paul suddenly acquires the ability to pick the names of winning race horses. Capitalizing on her son's "gift," Paul's mother becomes fabulously wealthy, only to spend the money as quickly as it comes in.


* The rocking horse winner, a 20-minute short film shot in pixelvision by Michael Almereyda
* Radio broadcast of "The Rocking Horse Winner" read by John Shea at selected shorts: A celebration of the short story, recorded live at Peter Norton symphony space and broadcast on public radio
* Excerpts from The Rocking Horse Winner: a chamber opera
* 24 page booklet including The Rocking Horse Winner short story by D.H. Lawrence

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