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Drama ruled in a big way on the third season of Queer as Folk, as the gay men and women of Pittsburgh rode a roller coaster of emotional and personal upheavals that would make a regular soap-opera cast blanch. Budding comic book artist Justin (Randy Harrison) finally left longtime lover Brian for a chance at ecstasy--and not a bit of agony-–with a charming violin player. Emmett (Peter Paige) finally came face-to-face with his affection for friend Ted (Scott Lowell), only to have Ted's growing drug habit get in the way of their happiness. Lesbians Melanie (Michelle Clunie) and Lindsay (Thea Gill) decided to have another baby, whose father would be... Michael (Hal Sparks), whose nesting with hunky Ben (Robert Gant) is rudely interrupted by runaway Hunter (Harris Allan). And as for Brian (Gale Harold), the man everybody wants but can't ever have? Just when it seems he's gone to work for the enemy--a homophobic mayoral candidate-–it turns out he might be the savior the Pittsburgh gay community never knew it needed. Snaps to the makers of QAF for trying to bring their characters into the grown-up world – Michael, Emmett, and Ted started their own businesses; Justin finally cut loose from Brian-–but too many melodramatic plot twists and turns impeded a lot of the character development this show worked hard at during its first two seasons. Still, most of the cast was topnotch, including Harrison, whose Justin finally came into his own, and the always dependable Harold, who made Brian a fascinating creature through all his steamy travails and over-the-top encounters.

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Special Features All 14 episodes with cast and crew commentary on three episodes "Behind the Camera: The Director's with the cast and crew" "Hot Summer Days" "Wrap Party Reel" "Enter Babylon: Los Angeles" Music video Quotes, Folks, & Notes Animated photo gallery Season 4 sneak peak TV spots and trailers

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