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Ripped from the case files of police forces across the country, "Racket Squad" sought to expose the devious machinations of the con man. Running from 1951-1953, "Racket Squad" was one of the first series to portray the gritty reality of criminal investigation and was twice nominated for an Emmy award. Knockout: Con men elaborately stage a fake prize fight and swindle a popular band leader out of $50,000. The Soft Touch: An intricate web of deceit ensues when a sexy temptress and a pair of wealthy businessmen meet by chance in a bar. Take A Little, Leave A Little: A smooth talker arrives in a small town and before long, greedy investors are lining up to buy shares in his phony oil operation. Impatient Heir: Surviving a series of near-fatal accidents, a young heir realizes that someone is trying to have him killed.

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ALP6673 Racket Squad TV Series Volume 9 DVD (1953/Reed Hadley) $5.99