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Dr. Tom Reynolds and his associate Professor Howard Ogden travel the dark and dangerous jungles of Africa and India. Accompanied by a succession of local guides, Dr. Reynolds, respectfully known as Ramar (Great White Doctor) to the native tribesmen, becomes involved in a series of adventures which set him against an assortment of villains. Witch doctors, smugglers, mad scientists and exotic wildlife keep Ramar and company on their toes in every thrilling episode. Ramar of the Jungle was created by and starred Jon Hall. The show was wildly successful during its short run of two years, offering an exciting and sometimes violent picture of distant lands. Drums Of The Jungle: Unable to convince the head of a native tribe to exchange their ivory for his gold, an American trader makes a deal with the village witchdoctor, who is more than willing to part with his people's valuable property. Fearing death for his treachery, the witchdoctor pins his crime on the chief's son, who happens to be Ramar's friend. Danger In Disguise: Dr. Reynolds and Professor Ogden come to the aid of two fellow scientists who claim they killed their native guide in self defense. Unaware that the two supposed botanists are actually in Africa to harvest narcotics, Reynolds offers to put them up for the night, where they take a great interest in Ogden and Reynolds' newly discovered and unpatented medicine. White Savages: Eager to acquire a rare substance that halts the effects of aging, Ramar attempts to make contact with the White Goddess, who controls a village where white men are taboo, and finds that two dangerous escaped convicts are eager to find her as well. Trail To Danger: A local mail carrier is stabbed by two men hoping to intercept a map to an unclaimed diamond mine. Learning of the map from the dying man, Doctor Reynolds fears that the rightful owners, Steve Bennet and his daughter, may lose not only their claim on the mine, but their lives as well.

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