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Newly hired cowhand Tex Yancy arrives at the Parker Ranch on Christmas Eve. He is immediately set up and framed for a murder and robbery committed by the notorious Red Becker Gang. Facing the hangman's noose, Tex manages to bust out of jail and ride to freedom. With a price on his head, Tex easily gets Red Becker to hire him as a gunman. Tex keeps a low-profile but, secretly, plans for the day when he can blow the gang of killers apart. Tex Ritter's illustrious career as a singing cowboy actor earned him legendary status as a western screen star in the 1920s and 1930s and later as a popular recording artist best remembered for the iconic title theme to High Noon. This Monogram Production, set in Wyoming snow country, features a spectacular stampede of wild elk courtesy of well-edited archival footage.

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ALP6444 Down the Wyoming Trail DVD (1944/Tex Ritter) $5.99