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The 'Queen of the Yukon,' is not just the name of an Alaskan riverboat, but also the nickname of it's venerated owner - Sadie Martin (Irene Rich). Sadie has a nose for profit, but a heart of gold when it comes to the miners she transports on her floating saloon and casino. When the shady John Thorne of the Yukon Mining Company tries to buy the ?Queen,' Sadie knows that the deal would leave her beloved miners without a way to reach their claims and refuses to sell the boat at any price. Meanwhile, Sadie's daughter Helen makes a surprise visit to the Yukon and instantly becomes infatuated with Sadie's lifestyle, as well as her rough-and-tumble business partner Ace (Charles Bickford). Realizing that she doesn't want the same tawdry life for her daughter, Sadie decides to sell the 'Queen' to Thorne. With the riverboat now in the hands of the mining company, Thorne and his thugs are free to claim-jump throughout the territory. Sadie and Ace must make things right before the miners who have counted on them for years are left with nothing.

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ALP5250 Queen of the Yukon DVD (1940/Charles Bickford) $5.99