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This is Lucy at her finest: getting drunk on Vitameatavegamin, stuffing chocolates down her dress on the assembly line, sinking in quicksand with Jack Benny, and making movie deals with fellow cleaning woman Carol Burnett. This 1976 tribute to Lucille Ball captures prize moments from her three television series (most notably I Love Lucy), highlights from her movie career, and excerpts from numerous other TV appearances. Each segment of the 97-minute special is introduced by famous cohorts, from series regulars such as ex-husband Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and Gale Gordon to sometime coworkers like John Wayne, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dick Van Dyke. Although she lived another 13 years after this special was made and had a fourth go at a TV series, this DVD captures the most brilliant moments of her trademark physical comedy. The red-haired queen of American comedy makes an appearance at the end when Jimmy Stewart gives her an honorary plaque, making for a nostalgic moment. A short time later the credits roll, revealing that Ball's production company was behind the tribute and reminding viewers she wasn't a bad businesswoman either.

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