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From the prolific (if not particularly inspired) "B"-movie cheese factory of Charles Band, this sci-fi/horror morsel is set during a nuclear/biological war, and involves an AWOL military team (including the ubiquitous Linnea Quigley) as they take shelter from the relentless acid rain in an abandoned research facility. As it turns out, the building is not abandoned at all but the happy home of legions of greasy, oversized rats and an outrageously drippy man-in-a-rubber-suit monster. The K-Y-covered creep is clearly one of Alien's countless bastard offspring... but the similarities don't stop there, as several intrepid troopers take to the air vents to flush out the belligerent beastie. Veteran exploitation director David De Coteau tries to keep things interesting by rounding up practically every science fiction and horror cliche ever invented (there's even a killer baby that's a dead ringer for the It's Alive! tyke) and drenching everything with blood, slime and alien saliva -- but the abundant goop still can't disguise the fact that there's nothing worthwhile underneath.

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CU8118 Creepozoids DVD (1987/Linnea Quigley) $9.98