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After an army transport vehicle loses its poorly secured cargo of nuclear waste, a family of illiterate moonshiners fail to take heed of the warnings printed on the side of the barrel and proceed to use it to cook up a batch of sour mash. The brew is a foul tasting, lime-green concoction but it doesn't prevent the entire town from imbibing, and as anyone who's studied nuclear science or watched horror films knows, the inevitable result is a rampage of cannibal zombies. Luckily for the hungry population, there's a group of city folk camping near the still who are ripe for the picking. After losing a few companions, the campers discover that a certain brand of deodorant might be their only hope for survival.

Special Features

* Interactive tour of Troma Studios
* Troma intelligence test
* Introduction by director Lloyd Kaufman
* Picture menus
* Troma Tromettes in action
* Troma's Edge TV
* Ron Jeremy and Charisma take Troma naked
* Interview with director Pericles Lewnes
* "Aroma du Troma" featurette
* Interview with producer/editor Ed Bishop
* Original theatrical trailer for "Redneck Zombies" and other Troma favorites

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Special Features Audio commentary with director Pericles Lewnes and producer Ed Bishop Interviews with Petricles Lewnes, Ed Bishop, cast and crew Behind-the-scenes footage Original promotional videos Outtakes

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