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John Ireland and Antonio Sabato become unlikely allies in this overlooked spaghetti western that boasts colorful characters and excellent cinematography. Miguel (Sabato) makes money by dealing with a one-legged man named Coyote so that he can go to New York and become an artist. Cooper (Ireland) is an outlaw who just wants to store his loot to get away from the life he leads and make a better place for his wife and daughter. After a bank heist (which included Miguel’s money), he is betrayed by his partner in crime Moxon (Mirko Ellis) and is sentenced to hard labor in the marshes, where he contracts malaria. After escaping, he sets out to get revenge on Moxon, who has stolen his loot and kidnapped his wife and daughter. With the help of Miguel, the two must now face this merciless enemy and his gunslingers in a riveting and exciting finale.

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WAA80736 Hate For Hate DVD (1967/Antonio Sabato/John Ireland) $17.99