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An expedition is sent to the lost city of Angkor to find the horrific secret of the zombies. In the group are WWI veteran Armond Lougue (Dean Jagger), the fiendish Colonel Mazovia (who plans to use the secret for evil) and Claire Duval, daughter of a general. When she falls in love with Clifford (Robert Newland), a jealous Lougue uses his newfound mystical knowledge to turn Claire into a zombie, forcing her to fall in love with him. Director Victor Halperin recreates the dark atmosphere of his classic White Zombie by utilizing eerie jungle sets and ghoulish zombie stares. Revolt of the Zombies borrows the superimposed glowing eyes of Bela Lugosi from its successful predecessor.

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ALP4225 Revolt Of The Zombies DVD (1936/Dean Jagger) $5.99