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Bump Hudson (Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer) wants to join the Reg'lar Fellers, an enterprising gang of kids with a knack for invention. Bump is sure he can apply his creative savvy to the gang's latest plans to build an amphibious tank to aid the war effort. Needing a larger work area than the basement they now use, gang members Jimmy, Aggie, Skeeter and Pinhead approach crabby old widow Hetty Carter with a request to rent her old unused barn. Hetty's angry refusal prompts the kids to search for her estranged son, hoping his return will soften the widow and increase their chances. Unfortunately, her son is in jail in New York City, framed by two crooks who suddenly show up on widow Carter's doorstep with a plan to rob her. Bump Hudson hopes his patented "enemy catchers" will prove successful in bringing the thieves to justice and cementing his place in the gang. Carl 'Alfalfa' Switzer brings his signature cock-eyed, off-key crooning from the "Our Gang" series to this screen adaptation of Gene Byrnes' popular 1930s comic strip, "Reg'lar Fellers." Originally intended as a series of films, this outing was the only installment made.

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ALP5066 Reg'lar Fellers DVD (1941/Carl Alfalfa Switzer) $5.99