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A freighter carrying the Harrington Mining Company's gold shipment upriver is ambushed by bandits who steal the precious cargo while Sergeant Renfrew and Constable Kelly are locked in the ship's hold. When the Mounties break out, they discover that the robbery is part of a much, larger conspiracy. Following the trail of the thieves, Renfrew and Kelly are caught in a shoot-out that leaves the constable critically wounded and fighting for his life. Now, Sergeant Renfrew must fight the thugs alone. The Renfrew of the Royal Mounted series lasted through eight exciting, scenic Canadian adventures. Jim Newill stars as Sergeant Renfrew, who adds an occasional operatic voice to his hard-riding, hard-hitting bravado. His is ably assisted here by his partner, Constable Kelly, played by Warren Hull. Crashing Thru (1938) was the fourth action packed installment, but in the very next Renfrew film the role of Kelly was given to Dave O'Brien, already seen on the series as an extra, who carried on the part for the remaining four Royal Mounted films. In 1942, Newill and O'Brien re-teamed in the first of the fifteen popular Texas Ranger films.

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