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An inspector is murdered while investigating a counterfeiting ring, and Sergeant Renfrew is sent to track down his killers. His hunt leads to the exclusive Totem Pole Lodge, where he believes Bronson, a notorious master engraver is in hiding. At the resort, Renfrew discovers a tiny clue in one of the counterfeit bills, and realizes that he has what he needs to crack the case wide open! This is the premiere installment of the Renfrew of the Royal Mounted series which lasted through eight exciting Canadian adventures. Jim Newill stars as Sergeant Renfrew, who adds his operatic voice to his hard-riding, hard-hitting bravado, and is ably assisted here by his faithful dog, Lightning. Renfrew of the Royal Mounted features fine location photography and a terrific dramatic scene involving a magnifying glass.

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ALP6552 Renfrew of the Royal Mounted DVD (1937/James Newill) $5.99