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The midpoint of what would be a nine-season show, the fifth season of The X-Files (the first to be put on DVD in anamorphic widescreen format) gives fans a heavy heaping of what they love. For the mythology buffs, riveting episodes from the season bookends "Redux" and "The End" to several episodes in between tease with new revelations about the vast government conspiracies and alien invasion plot lines sketched in earlier seasons. But enough questions are left unanswered for the theatrical X-Files movie, which was released the subsequent summer, and An accused traitor attempts to clear his name is this "taut, lean film noir" ( directed by Richard Fleischer (The Narrow Margin) and starring Bill Williams (Deadline at Dawn) and Barbara Hale (The Window). Two years after being injured in a Japanese prison camp, amnesiac war vet Jim Fletcher (Williams) awakens from a coma to find he's accused of treason. Escaping from the hospital, Fletcher seeks out fellow POW Mark Gregory, unaware his friend is dead and Fletcher is suspect in his murder. Unable to remember the past, a desperate Fletcher convinces Gregory's widow (Hale) to help him, while an unseen enemy carries out plans to bury the truth with Jim. Written by Carl Foreman (High Noon) and inspired by a true story, The Clay Pigeon was the first film produced under new RKO owner Howard Hughes and costars actor-turned-director Richard Quine (Pushover) and a brunette Martha Hyer as a receptionist.

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