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Investigating a deadly crash of a Yukon Mail Service plane, Sergeant Renfrew and Constable Kelly discover evidence of sabotage. They become convinced that Raymond, the owner of the aviation company, has arranged the murder of his own pilot to conceal the theft of a fortune in gold, skimmed from his client's shipments. Renfrew will bait a trap, risking another aviator's life, in a desperate attempt to get the evidence needed to bring the corrupt airline owner to justice. James Newill's operatic training was put to good use in this 1940 installment of the popular Renfrew singing-mountie series. The films were based on ten novels featuring the heroic sergeant written by Laurie York Erskine. These stories were also the basis for a radio series, which ran concurrently with Newill's movies and featured House Jamison as Renfrew.

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ALP6321 Renfrew of the Royal Mounted: Yukon Flight DVD (1940/James Newill) $5.99