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In this psychological drama set in the south during the civil war. Cpl. McBurney(Eastwood) is an injured Union soldier, discovered and nursed back to health by the residents of an all girls school. The first impulse of the Head Mistress, Miss Farnsworth(Geraldine Page) was to turn him over to the Confederate Army, but Mr. McBee, as they have so affectionately come to call him, has charmed nearly all the members of the household from Miss Farnsworth, to the 12 year old Amy(played brilliantly by Pamelyn Ferdin), leading each to believe that they are the one he loves. As each discovers the truth, they begin some mind games of their own. Has Clint finally met his match in this tale of jealousy and revenge? No guns or badges to get him through this one!

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MC20238 Beguiled, The DVD (1971/Clint Eastwood) $14.98